For Better Performance with the Large Screen The Mirror is Plugged into The Wall

The Muse Mirror is designed to protect from water splashes and moisture build up on the surface

Wipe with a microfiber cloth. It is still a mirror you can use windex.

Our Headquarters are in Providence, Rhode Island, USA. Currently we only ship to the USA. Signup for our mailing list to see when that changes.

The Muse Mirror has 2 stereo speakers integrated into it.

The Muse Mirror is 33 Pounds.

Yes, The Muse Mirror has numerous routines to show you how to put on makeup that you can follow while still looking into the mirror

The Muse Mirror Has a camera where you can take pictures, videos, and use apps like snapchat/tik tok, and Instagram to make posting and creating content more easy

Yes you will be able to download apps, from Netflix, to TikTok and many more.


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