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The Muse Mirror

Real-Time Skin Analysis with personalized recommendations

Analytics on what products and services are working on your clients

Easily collab with brands for recommended Products and Services

Easily Connect with clients and keep up with their daily routine

Your Personal Skincare Companion: Connect, Track, and Thrive

Our mobile app bridges the gap between in-person consultations and daily skincare management. With the ability to track daily habits, receive personalized routines, and explore recommended services, it’s like having your esthetician always close by. Plus, enjoy on-demand video communication with your esthetician, ensuring personalized guidance and support at every step of your skincare journey.

Enhance Your Practice with AI-Driven Insights

Our Smart Mirror for Estheticians. Designed for skincare professionals, this AI-powered smart mirror is a game-changer in client care and education. It offers detailed skin analysis, enabling you to provide highly personalized advice and product recommendations. This tool not only elevates your service quality but also deepens client trust and satisfaction, fostering a more informed and loyal clientele.”

Inspire others with your Beauty talents

“We are seeking talented Estheticians to join the forefront of skincare innovation with The Muse Mirror.

As a Certified Muse Esthetician, you will be an integral part of a revolutionary platform that transforms how you connect with your clients. The Muse Mirror isn’t just about skin analysis; it’s a comprehensive tool that allows you to engage with your clients’ skin health data daily.

Imagine having the ability to conduct detailed skin analyses, track changes over time, and recommend products tailored to each client’s unique needs. Our platform is partnered with skincare brands, enabling you to offer personalized recommendations that enhance client loyalty and open up continuous revenue streams.

You will be more than an esthetician; you will be a skincare guide, educator, and trusted consultant, leveraging the Muse Mirror and its platform to deliver exceptional, data-driven skincare advice.

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"Surround yourself with people that are as passionate as you and you’ll keep continuing to learn."
- Kelsey B.