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Become A Certified Muse Makeup Artist

Have access to clients all over the country

Earn based on number of products sold in your class and from 1 on 1 sessions

Easily collab with famous brands

Gain more experience and spotlight organically from users who love cosmetics, and from other MUA's in our community

Inspire others with your Beauty talents

We are looking for skilled Makeup Artists to be a part of what we call the Future of Beauty with The Muse Mirror.

The Certified Muse Makeup Artists will be instructors who are able to deliver engaging makeup tutorials using The Muse Mirror platform and tool set to go live with HD quality streaming.

Reaching an audience and community who’s sole purpose is to learn the skills that make you the great Makeup artist that you are

Muse MUA’s are the super hero’s to our platform, and we like to treat them as such by providing them with the platform specifically for them to share their knowledge and grow with this engaging community 

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"Surround yourself with people that are as passionate as you and you’ll keep continuing to learn."
- Kelsey B.

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